We Specialize in Technical Animations, 3D Renders, and Videos

Our Strengths

3D Renders & Animation

Clear Creek Media is known for creating the highest quality renders that don't require a massive budget.

We have created thousands of 3D still renders and animations for our clients over the past 20+ years.
See some examples below, as well as more information about our processes.

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Already have engineering models in SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD, or another format?

No problem, we can work with those.

Need models created from scratch or a purchased model modified to fit your needs?

No problem, we do that all the time.

Have no idea what we’re talking about?

No problem, we’ll walk you through it!

The image above may not excite YOU… but it WILL excite your designer or graphics department!

All of our 3D still images are delivered in Photoshop format, pre-composed to your specifications. 

They also include:

  • Ultra-high resolutions up to 15,000 pixels (that’s 50 inches at 300 dpi).
  • ALWAYS rendered and delivered in 16 bit depth so you never experience banding issues.
  • We organize and LABEL all of the requested views, layers, etc.
  • Clown pass layers are always included to make individual part selection easier.
  • We will also train your designer or graphics department to get the MOST out of the delivered files!

Sample 3D product feature animation. Includes 2D animations as well.

Sample 3D product installation animation.

Whether it’s your 3D models, purchased 3D models, or custom 3D models.

It doesn’t matter.

We can make your vision a reality.

Photo-realistic still renders or animations that fit your budget.

Contact Clear Creek Media today!

Video Production

We create the videos nobody else wants to.

We don’t do “artsy” videos.

We don’t do big productions.

We don’t do TV commercials or ads.

We create the absolute best technical, service, training, safety, installation…

You get the picture.

We create the videos that nobody else wants to do, but you NEED for your business.

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We’re based in West Michigan, but frequently travel across the United States and Canada. 

We’ve even traveled to Germany to shoot in client factories.

Just tell us where to go!

Depending on the project, we will capture your footage in anywhere from 4K to 6K resolutions.

So you have the highest quality footage.

Most of the time, video shoots are conducted using only 1 or 2 crew members.

We try to remain nimble, and keep your costs low.

Our brains are more “engineer” than “artist”.

We understand complex processes and machinery.

So you can be assured we’re capturing the right footage for your needs!


So no detail is overlooked, we will arrange Zoom meetings to discuss your project and goals.

Script Writing

Need help with a script? No problem. We write nearly all of the scripts for our client videos!


We'll start early and shoot for as many hours as needed to get the footage you're paying for (and more!).

Post Production

We provide full editing, color correction, graphics, and even voice over recording services for your videos.


Vimeo? YouTube? Need multiple files sizes and formats? No problem, we'll take care of that.

Sample product service / rebuild procedures video.

Sample company recruiting video.

Sample safety training video.

Sample onboarding and safety training video.

Sample product inspection procedures video.

Sample product features and benefits video.

Pricing & Estimates

How Long is a Piece of String?

Honestly that’s the most accurate analogy when someone asks “Exactly how much will X and Y cost? And what if we add Z later?

Every project is different, and while we can’t give you an exact estimate without first discussing ALL of the details of your project, we’d like to at least provide some basic cost guidelines for you here.

3D Still Render Pricing

$50 - $1,500 ea.*

The price per still render varies based on the following, and all affect render time / costs:

  • Rendered resolution (pixel density).
  • Scene / model complexity.
  • Rendering software required.
  • Number of concurrent renders in a project.
  • Initial or updated render (due to model change, etc.).
*The render cost DOES NOT include model import and setup costs.

3D Animation Pricing

$2,500 - $50,000+

The price per animation varies based on the following, and all affect render time / costs:

  • Rendered resolution (pixel density).
  • Quality requested.
  • Scene / model complexity.
  • Rendering software required.
  • Animation setup time required.
  • Length of animation.
  • Initial or updated render (due to model change, etc.).
Most of our animations fall into the $5,000 to $15,000 range for 2-6 minutes of animation.

Video Project Pricing

$10,000 - $50,000+

The price per video varies based on the following factors:

  • Travel and/or permit requirements.
  • Crew and equipment needed.
  • Length of video(s).
  • Voiceover talent requested.
  • Amount of motion graphics, 3D animations, etc needed.
Most of our video productions fall into the $10,000 to $20,000 range for an 8-15 minute finished video.

A note on payment terms, etc:

Once a project is approved, we will submit an invoice for 50% of the total estimate. We request NET 15 terms on all invoices. You may request NET 30 terms if needed. Clients needing NET 45 or NET 60 terms will be subject to additional fees, and work will not begin until payment is within 15 days.

We DO accept credit card payments at no additional charge in most cases. In some cases we may add a 2.5% fee for credit card payments.

We will invoice an additional 25% of the estimate every 4 weeks once a project has started. 

A final invoice will be calculated with any additional costs over the estimate, payments deducted, and submitted upon completion and final sign-off by the client.

If you’d like an accurate estimate for your project, please head below and contact us today!

We’ll do our best to set up a quick meeting to discuss your needs in detail, and can usually provide you with an estimate within 24 hours. It costs nothing to ask!

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If not, just submit the form here and we’ll get back to you asap!

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