Clear Creek Media specializes in
technical videos, animations, and 3D renders.

Our primary clients are large manufacturing companies that require a video company with a deep knowledge of their products and services.

We KNOW you’d rather watch something, so we won’t keep you waiting…

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We love working on projects that no one else will.

Here are the types of videos we specialize in:

Technical Videos & Animations

This is what we specialize in! If your product, process, or service is highly technical in nature or generally difficult to understand, then we are the experts to help explain it to your audience.

How-to and Service Videos

If you have a need to produce a how-to video, service or maintenance video, then this is right up our alley. We’ve lost count of how many service and maintenance videos we’ve produced over the past 20 years!

Installation Videos

These are the boring but absolutely necessary videos that most companies skimp on. Don’t! How easy you make things for your tech’s and customers has a huge impression on what they think of you as a company.

Demonstration Videos

Sometimes you just need to show people. If your product or process has the potential to confuse someone, then maybe showing them with a video is just what you need!

Training Videos

Health, safety, environment, and general work procedure videos are becoming a larger part of our business. Companies need to effectively train their new employees (and re-train every year), and videos are a great way to do it.

On-Boarding Videos

So you just hired a new employee or contractor. Now what?! They need to know how your company functions, what procedures to follow, and (cough, cough) how much time off they get. So create an HR on-boarding video!

Product Launch and Overview Videos

Launching technical products or services can be difficult at best. How do you effectively communicate what it does, what’s special, and what are the key features and benefits? We can help.

Internal Communication Videos

If you’re part of a large organization, then you know communication is key. Newsletters and emails get ignored, but people will absolutely watch video!

Company Profile Videos

Tell the world who you are! We can help you communicate all facets of your business, including safety, corporate responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Recruiting Videos

Your company is an awesome place to work, but you’re just not finding the right talent. Since job posts are pretty plain and boring, attract the right talent with a video showcasing what it’s like to work for you!


What makes Clear Creek Media truly unique is our complete understanding of highly technical products and processes. You need someone who understands design and engineering in order to grasp the “how” and “why” of your product. Our clients hire us because we “get it”. We know how to best present your product or service so that it’s easily understood by your sales team and most importantly, your customers. Don’t get trapped hiring a company that you constantly have to explain things to…


Most video production companies are very good at the “artsy” side of video, but not much else. For pure product promotion, or creating an emotional response to your company, that’s a good trait! The problem is when you have a complex product or process, and the video production company doesn’t fully understand how it works, or why it works. How can they effectively tell your story, or demonstrate your product so it’s easily understood?

Some of our clients include:

I started Clear Creek Media nearly 20 years ago primarily to service manufacturing companies. Our list of clients is actually quite small, and that is very intentional.

We prefer to build deep relationships with our clients, and often go above and beyond, which is why most of our clients have been with us for at least 10 years.

Greg Beuerle

Owner, Clear Creek Media